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Aquarius 2017 Horoscope

Aquarius 2017 Horoscope

Astrological Predictions for the Aquarius Zodiac Sign 2017


The moon and Venus make sure that 2017 is a pleasant year for Aquarius. Kind of sentimental, too.

       In the 2017 New Year horoscope, the moon and Venus are in the Aquarius Zodiac sign. That means they set the theme for the Aquarius year.

A Sentimental Year for Aquarius

The moon is all about emotions - especially longings and the needs of the soul. In Aquarius, this longing is mainly for learning and understanding, for finding the wisest way through life. It is also about the need for trust. Not an easy thing in this world.

       The moon has no aspects to any of the planets in the 2017 New Year horoscope. It sits by itself in the middle of the Aquarius sign - but not for long. The moon moves quite fast through the Zodiac, taking but a month to go through it all. So, it will only remain in Aquarius for a little more than a day. But because it is there at New Year, it will influence Aquarians the whole year.

The moon in Aquarius.

       Everyone born in Aquarius will have a particularly sentimental and emotional year. This is the most obvious for those born in the beginning of February, but to some extent it is true for every Aquarius.

       That means, among other things, a lot of reminiscing. Life is generous when it comes to experience. In 2017, Aquarius will reflect on this and frequently get lost on memory lane.

       The moon also increases all kinds of sensitivity. Aquarius will have a delicate heart, easily moved. It is not without bother, but mostly it is enriching.

Less Complicated than Usual

Venus, the planet of love and creativity, is at the end of Aquarius in the 2017 New Year horoscope. Therefore, it affects people born in the middle of February the most. But every Aquarius will feel it.

       Venus stimulates all kinds of creativity, making it very pleasant and easy. For Aquarius it is, of course, mainly about thoughts. Your mind will be particularly well-oiled this year and your contemplations soar. Your inner world is so stimulated, you may at times forget what happens around you.

       But it's fine, and others are both inspired and intrigued by what they sense goes on in your head.

Venus in Aquarius.

       As for love, Venus is mainly increasing the sensation of it - the pleasure and delight. The love life is sort of lit and also deepened. Contrary to what's normal for Aquarius, it is also easier and smoother, with less of anguish and complications.

       Aquarius may tend to make love more complicated than it needs to be. Not so in 2017. It will be a happy experience - though still with lots of food for thought.

       Because Venus is at the end of the sign, the inspiration it gives to Aquarius' love life will be the most evident in the beginning of the year and then slowly fade into normal. Still, 2017 as a whole is a good year for love, Aquarius will find.

       Like the moon, Venus has no aspects to other planets in the 2017 New Year horoscope. So, it is an influence acting on its own, in itself, having little to do with the rest of Aquarius' life. It's almost like an oasis - whatever happens elsewhere, Venus makes sure this part of life, creativity and love, works like a charm.

       That's definitely good enough.

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